Attunement Information

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—> What is an attunement?

An attunement is a procedure where a person (or spirit guide) passes on a specific energy structure/signature to another persons energy body and/or energy centers (chakras). This enables the receiver to become a permanent channel for that specific energy. The best known attunements are Reiki attunements.

—> What is an audio attunement?

An audio attunement is a mp3 file with sound/music that has received the energy structure/signature of a specific attunement. When you play the file, the listener receives the attunement in much the same way as if it were passed on“traditionally”.

—> Preparation to receive the attunement.

First decide where you will play back the mp3 file. Choose a quiet place. The attunement (which you only need to take once) should be received when alone. Make sure that you sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Also make sure that you will not be disturbed (unplug the phone, turn off your cellphone etc.). When you are ready start the mp3 file and listen to it until it stops. Keep your position for another 10 minutes or so and the attunement is done!
Now you are ready to practice on others and get their feedback.

—> Your first healing session.

You are now able to practice a self-healing or healing session for another person.
– Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.
– Place your hands on your stomach or on the other person’s stomach or shoulders. Think the word ”Reiki”. This will start the energy instantly. When 3-5 minutes have passed you might feel the energy stop, meaning that healing is complete. The healing energy will, however, continue to work in the patient.
– End the session by rubbing your hands and when your friend is ready, let him/her tell you about any experiences he/she had during the session.

Author: Alain

Alain Goldreiki is an intuitive energy healer since 1999 and Reiki Master since 2011. He is in the lineage of Reiki founder Usui Mikao, Reiki Master Ole Gabrielsen (DK) and Reiki Master Michael Chad Fordham (USA). The lineage shows how far the energy is from the "founder source".