Kundalini Reiki

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A kundalini reiki audio attunement is a mp3 file with sound/music that has received the energy structure/signature of a specific attunement. When you play the file, the listener receives the attunement in much the same way as if it were passed on “traditionally”.

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kundalini-reiki-attunementKundalini Reiki is one of the most powerful Reiki available. It helps against energy blockages, pain, negative emotions, stress.

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Author: Alain

Alain Goldreiki is an intuitive energy healer since 1999 and Reiki Master since 2011. He is in the lineage of Reiki founder Usui Mikao, Reiki Master Ole Gabrielsen (DK) and Reiki Master Michael Chad Fordham (USA). The lineage shows how far the energy is from the "founder source".