Meditation made easy, for everyone.

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The best way to meditate is getting out of your everyday setting, go to one of your favorite place and capture the special flair with all your senses.

This is my way to meditate and does not require any complicated course or ceremony/yoga etc.Easy and powerful, intend, say to yourself “now I shall relax and meditate” or just concentrate on your heart beat.

Kundalini reiki or gold reiki do not require any complicated symbols like in traditional usui reiki. Easy and powerful, it is like meditation.

Author: Alain

Alain Goldreiki is an intuitive energy healer since 1999 and Reiki Master since 2011. He is in the lineage of Reiki founder Usui Mikao, Reiki Master Ole Gabrielsen (DK) and Reiki Master Michael Chad Fordham (USA). The lineage shows how far the energy is from the "founder source".

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