Kundalini Reiki Or Gold Reiki Attunements

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kundalini or gold reiki attunement
Our reiki attunements are audio attunements that you can download at our site exclusively and listen to at your convenience at home or in a silent place of your choice. The process remains the same for receiving the energy from an audio attunement or from a conventional attunement.
Kundalini Reiki & Gold Reiki attunements are available for download as audio attunement, here.

2 thoughts on “Kundalini Reiki Or Gold Reiki Attunements

  1. Bob says:

    Are there 3 levels into this audio? Is it like the normal attunements which are made along 5 weeks? Thanks

    1. admin says:

      Yes, all levels are included and you will assimilate the energy for at least 8 weeks.


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